So you're about eloping in the blue mountains?

Ah I love you already!

Elopements are one of my favourite things to photograph, EVER! They are always so unique, so personal, so beautiful and so deep! They are carefree, they are an adventure but most importantly they are centred on the pure celebration of your marriage vows!

Sounds pretty special right?!? And what can make your elopement even better is having the perfect little spot to make it happen! Cue this list I have put together for you! Hooray!!

Ok... Are you ready??? Here are my personal top favourites to have your Blue Mountains Elopement...


I know just naming a suburb is vague but there is reason why! It's because you could literally pull up and get married in the middle of the street there and it would be beautiful! Honestly I think it is the most picturesque area of Sydney without a doubt, especially in

Autumn!! You can arrange your elopement on any of the stunning private gardens like Breenhold, Windyridge or Bebeah Gardens. Or head to a lookout like Du Faurs! Now I can't give away all of precious gems of private spots because then they wouldn't be private anymore would they!

But I will tell you that this particular snap was taken at my ALL TIME FAVOURITE lookout just a 10 minute drive from here.

If you want to know, book me and I'll take you there ** insert sneaky sly wink**


This little spot is an absolute gem! It is just down the road from Cahill's Lookout which means it features the same epic views but without the crowds... Winning!!!!

There is a narrow dirt path that makes it's way down to the rock face overlooking the valley. And trust me the views do not disappoint whether during a clear sky or a misty, foggy afternoon.

I love it because, though it is small, it has so many nooks and crannies to shoot through, with constantly changing levels, wild shrubbery and huge boulders, so you can really get creative!

And with this one, there is plenty of easy parking!


You can't have a Blue Mountains elopement list and not mention Lincoln's rock!

Ooft this one is like whipping out the big guns! Utterly breathtaking with no other spot like it, it's truly epic! The only slight downside to it, is that understandably it is popular. If you like things a little more private I recommend choosing a non peak time, like a weekday outside of summer and school holidays for this one!

The great thing about this lookout is that it is one of the biggest and therefore plenty of room for a few groups to be there at once without really noticing each other. And whenever I am shooting there, bystanders are always respectful, keep their distance and in most cases vacate the area.

But seriously just look at the epicness! And this is on a foggy day, let alone a clear sky and sunset!


Yet another fav of mine (seems fitting as I said this is a list of m favourites), is Landslide Lookout in Katoomba! You need to be a little sneaky and find the unmarked path that lead off to the side of the fenced lookout to get to the good stuff but you know it when you find it!

What I love about this one is it is super private, not too many people venture from the main lookout. As the common theme is with all of the location on this list, the view are of course magical, especially during some golden hour goodness!


I am throwing something a little different in the mix here by letting you in on a little spot at the base of the Blue Mountains in Glenbrook!

Tucked away in the National Park just a few minutes drive deeper past Jelly Bean Pools and you will find it! This one is perfect if you are still wanting those Mountain Vibes but don't have the travel time to head all the way up into Katoomba and Blackheath!

The only thing I will give you a heads up one is that they do shut the gate to the national park after sunset so just don't get locked in, unless you are camping the night of course! (I may or may not be speaking from experience...)

And there you have it! Those are my current top 5 locations for an epic Blue Mountains Elopement!

To check out some of the full galleries at locations such as these, jump on over here - https://www.amberwynnjones.com.au/blog