Let's chat life and Photography!

Hey there again! 

If you didn't catch my name yet... Hi! I'm Amber!

I am wife to my favourite person in the world and a mum to zero things... I am working on a puppy so hopefully by 2021 I can update this paragraph! Cross your fingers for me plez!

On my weekends off, the hubby and I are usually convincing our friends to come over to eat waffles and play 'Buzz'. Yes we still use our PS2 to play the 2000's quiz game 'Buzz'. 

I need a cup of T2 to start my morning, 'Blue Mountains Breakfast' is my main jam but I like to mix it up with 'Caramel Brownie' or 'Banana Bake' for my more indulgent days!

What you are in for...

Let me serve you with more than just beautiful images, but rather an entirely unique experience! One that leaves us real life friends by the end. 

I don't want to pose you, can we please put that way of photographing to bed/actually to death! I don't care what happens to it, I just definitely don't have time for it!

I want to capture real and genuine moments. 

Little insight for you - When I photograph I actually like to think of myself as a videographer. Why? Because 

I want movement, I want interactions, I want to tell a story! And a story of you standing still and smiling sounds pretty boring to me. 

I want these images to tell part of your legacy!

A legacy that you are proud of and get to pass down to your grandchildren! 

What I need from you...

We start off as friends yeah?! 

That is how I am going to talk to you from day 1 so be ready for that! 

I would love for you to tell me all about yourself too! Why? 

Because my goal is to document you and your boo for who you truly are. Not just what you guys look like, the camera does that, I want your photos to look how your relationship feels!  

I'm also going to need you to be okay with getting the bottom of your clothes a little dirty and your hair a little wind swept, because that's the price you pay for an adventure! 

Lastly I am going to need to know your fave jams because you bet I am bringing a custom playlist along to your shoot! ;) 



Sydney // Blue Mountains // Hunter Valley // Central Coast // Southern Highlands